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Default 'The (almost) everything was not right bike'

When I had a job, I inquired about wanting to buy a bike for a motorbicycle project. Some guy was willing to sell me one, he showed me the picture, I liked it, I offered 50 bux for it, he sold it to me.

What was the problem;
-Put the motor on, no space for the carbuerator, had to silver solder/fiberglass/wire/JB weld the intake pipe to a piece of 90Deg. copper fitting, it's on REAL good (I believe).
-Spent WAY to much time making my own top hat adaptor, cutting with dremel type tool, drilling, shaping stainless steel and the sprocket, after all that it looks like I'm going with rim brakes, the disc caliper ain't gonna fit. (Bike don't have disc brake fittings anyway) was going with rim brakes anyway for now. And the sprocket isn't exactly centered, not bad, but not 100% satisfied with it.
-Down tube was a fat one, good thing adapter was in kit.
-Clutch needed loosening and adjusting, easy to fix, real easy, I worried too much.
-Plus anything else that frustrated me, like spending more time looking for tools I just had, than building the bike, thanks ADD.

The good;
-motor was ported, casting humps ground down, cylinder bottom gasket was trimmed, head was polished, squish band and cylinder honed down on flat piece of rock wall/floor tile.
-Motor works, as I was busy I only used my bike for about a total of 30 minutes + -, it's raining today :-< , If the motors get more powerful after break in, boy, is this thing ever gonna move! It wants to go!
-motor runs real SMOOTH, does not vibrate much at all, idles real nice, I guess I got lucky with a nicely balanced crank.
-Bike is black and red and my motor is black, bike is small and looks real tight, good thing it's a slant head! I'm 6'2", but the bike fits nice.
-Just made a spring loaded chain tensioner, I hope it's durable enough, will make it better though, for now I just wanted a quick fix so I can ride the damn thing!
Oh yeah, the weather, thanks Mother Nature! Not!

Anyway, this is my first build, next one I will choose the right'er bike and git er' dun in 1/20th of the time this one took, and I may just buy the stupid top hat adapter and save myself the frustration.
But, I will probably make another one, just because I'm a tightwad and a DIY kind of guy.

PS, check out the seat, it's got a spring, and the seat post a cheap
a$$ suspension post I got on ebay for under $30.00 S&H included!
Real nice on the butt!
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