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Default Re: Build or Ride? Which Do You Enjoy More?

I'm with you, Killer. It's almost an affliction to be constantly thinking about improvements that would make the perfect MB. Right now I'm thinking about swapping out the engines on all of my bikes for a "better fit". The Stiletto has a jackshaft so it's better suited for a torque converter mated to a 4 stroke, but it's currently fitted with a 66cc Chinagirl. My crusier with the Nexus 3-speed is best suited for a Chinagirl with manual clutch, but it's fitted with an engine with a centrifugal clutch. Finally, I'm actually thinking about putting my Whizzer engine on my Spoiler so I have magneto driven lights on a bike with disc brakes ( I can barely stop the Whizzer with its coaster rear brake and 1/2 drum front brake). If anyone knows of a cure for this affliction, please let me know, not that I would use it cause this "affliction" is too much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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