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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

This is what I did in the past week:

Installed some off brand plug (Smoother idle and acceleration now)
New back wheel and #41 chain (No more chain hopping off)
Removed head and polished combustion chamber (Way better low end torque)
Replaced acorns with grade 10.9 hex nuts (No more loosening head bolts)
Adjusted float level and air/fuel mixture (Finally got her tuned up )
Installed new petcock O-Ring as well as a new carb O-Ring (No more fuel and air leaks)
Replaced front motor mount bolts (Killed lots of vibs, no more unscrewing while riding)
Upgraded to larger/better Schwinn bicycle computer (My little one broke, so...)
Brand new tire and tube on back wheel (Smoother ride, better traction, no more leaks)
New gel filled seat cover for help with seat vibration (Feels like a new bike)

WRECKED AT 30MPH IN THE RAIN (Driving too fast, only coaster brakes, locked 'em up)
BROKE MY SCAPHOID BONE IN MY RIGHT WRIST (Caught my 30MPH fall with my hand)

Bent back wheel (And I had just installed a new one!!! No more smooth ride)
Smashed adjustment screws on clutch grip (At least it still works)
Slightly damaged throttle grip (Now it's a little sticky. Hello Cruise control )
Cracked headlight (Nothing a little super glue can't repair)

What I'll do next week:

Switch throttle control to brake style squeeze lever so I can ride with a broken wrist (...)
SLOW DOWN WHEN RIDING IN THE RAIN (Shoulda done it in the first place)

Continue to have fun. (This hobby is way too fun to give up.)

Well, after all I've done to it, there's no way I'm gonna park it 'til the cast comes off.

The injury is gonna slow down my upgrades, but not my riding. I may take it easy though.

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