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Default Re: How to separate/disassemble clutch wheel

I had a clutch that seemed to be pressed unevenly, one side of the ring that holds the unit together was visibly higher than the other causing lots of slop. The slop allowed the big gear to slip off true and bind. I tried to come up with an easy way to press it together evenly, it's an awkward kind of deal and I never did come up with a good rig to press it. I had asked here for advice on how to press the unit together and didn't get any good answers, so out of frustration I tapped the ring with a hammer lightly around the high side and got it back together evenly and tight. It was kinda easy to do, I couldn't help thinking to myself "why the **** did I think about that so long". I guess I was just nervous about tapping it with a hammer.
If your unit is pressed loosely and has lots of slop you can lean the big gear out enough to inspect the bearings. If the bearings look good you might try removing the clutch pads, cleaning the whole clutch plate and bearings and tap the ring on tightly and evenly with a hammer and see how she rolls. I put a small amount of grease on the bearings, I'm not sure if you are supposed to do that or not, it would seem bearings need grease, but the way this unit is designed there is nothing really to hold the grease in place, and you dont want grease to get out onto the friction plate, so use very sparingly if you do. This is just my experience with the clutch plate, I don't know if there is a more "proper" procedure to press this unit, but what I did worked out for me....
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