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Default Re: Build or Ride? Which Do You Enjoy More?

Originally Posted by Geezer View Post
Well, when I first delved into this hobby I just wanted something to pull my old arse up the hills. lol It was all about riding but it wasn't long after that first build I knew I'd be building more. Seeing the look on my brothers face when he saw my first bike I knew he was gonna have to have one ... and then there are my two sons 19 & 27 both wanted one. It's been almost a year since that first build... there are now six in my garage and there always seems to be one more in mind before i finish the one i'm working on LOL...
I have to agree with you Tom the building is a lotta fun. Seeing each one come together, trying things out on each that may or may not work, the whole design process... I truly enjoy it. I have to say that I probly would have never done it if not for this site. It gave me the confidence I needed to feel like if I got stuck on some part of the build I could get it figured out with the help of the fine people here. Still thou, I'm probly 50/50 as they are both a kind of therapy for me. After losing my wife to a long battle with cancer Nov 2010, I was a mess & wasn't sure I even wanted to go on... I feel like this hobby helped pull me out of a downward spiral. It brought my sons and I closer to each other as they hepled in the designs on most builds, as well as enjoying the rides we have all gone on together... it's been a wonderful thing for us all.

Can't thank all you guys that make this such a great place enough...

Peace & ride/design safe guys
Your words have a lot of resonance for me. Sorry to hear about the loss of your wife, but so very glad that you have found this forum and creative outlet which you can share with your brother and sons. That really is awesome. I rode over thirty miles today, thoroughly enjoying my Panther, listening to the pipe as I wound the engine out to somewhere in the area of 40 mph, smooth as silk. I found myself smiling, banking into turns and goosing the throttle. No traffic on the road from where I live to the state park, like riding my own paved private road through the forest, passing fresh water lakes, deer, bald eagles flying overhead. I'm 67 years old and hope to God I never grow up. There's a happy twelve year old boy inside who loves to tinker and ride. Woohoo!
Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...
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