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Default Re: Hello everybody!

Thanks everybody for your warm welcome. I really like the important questions to consider, I've seen that posted on a lot of new member threads, they are all valid points and gave me a few ideas I had yet to consider.
Scotto, I am leaning your way with the four stroke engines for my first builds. However, I am sure I will end up with at least one 2 cycle somewhere along the way, just cause, well why not! Thank's for your insight, no amount of research can beat years of hands on experience! Unfortunately, BikeGuyJoe, I prob will build an auto-gyro one day lol! Believe it or not they are not as dangerous as you would think, PROVIDED you get everything RIGHT. Thats the big if I guess. Just don't ask my wife what she thinks about it! Hopefully they will become more popular here in the U.S. and I can buy one first, and then warm her up to the whole building one. Thats about ten years down the road anyways, but man I'm tellin you they are really cool!
I have a few months before I start anything, I am going to do as much research as I can about everything I possibly can before I make any real decisions. The sad part is, I haven't even built a bike yet and I already have at least 5 ideas with several different motors in mind! I think a new storage shed may be in the works as well LOL!
Anywho, thanks again, hopefully my next post will either be some dumb question I somehow missed the answer to or pics of my first build

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