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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

WoW !

Tree inch wide tire is gonna need at least a little persuasion administered to the aft end!
At least to keep things aligned so the chain doesn't eat through the tire!
It's just annoying to have all the scuffing on the sidewall. :-)

S, well yah goofed on that !
No harm done, because you figured it out.
That chain must run really straight and true or you will encounter many problems when you get to motoring it down the road.

If chain alignment is not right, first thing that happens is it gets thrown off and most the time it locks up the back wheel. You may go down!

Avoid that, if possible ! It takes all the fun out of motorized bicycles.

Trial run... wear ALL the protective gear.
Long pants, jacket, and gloves. A scooter helmet, even a full-face bicycle helmet is a good prospect. Sore is bad, but road rash takes a while to recover from.

OK, what did I do to my motorized bicycle today?
Moved it. It was in the way.
But yesterday, well, the day before, I took the carb off to mail it to another member who is a masochist. :-) I guess he wants to xperiment with cns... 8-O
Tank is off now, too.
...Tank is absolute LAST thing to install on a motorized bicycle!
Every single time the handlebars turn they hit the tank!
It's just NOT good!

I'm gonna take the grinder to the dropouts and make an adjustable axle slot for chain tension. There's just NO other solution that is practical!

Best to all,
And Thanks to Skarrd for this thread!
My goal is cheap, reliable, personal transport, below the tax collector radar. Fun counts for a lot!
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