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Default Re: What size belt for EZM?

Mr jowens,
Just thought I'd update you on what I learned. Got ans AX24 and it was too tight for the 2" front pulley. Got a 1 3/4", still too tight. I have an idea a 1 1/2 might work but our wonderful old time hardware stor a block away didn't have that. I ended up elongating the mounting holes for the EZM. Seem s to work even though it's still a little tighter than I want. Hopefully it'll stretch a little before doing any damage to the drive shaft bearing. Of course moving the kit meant my drive chain was too tight so I had to loosen the rear wheel, remove the drive chain guard, etc. etc. Took way longer than I had planned, but I sure know how to change out the drive belt now. Thanks for your input. Always nice to have another head looking at the problem. Dan
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