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Default Re: i think my "80cc" has issues. top speed only 28mph with shifter kit...

Originally Posted by jerseykat1 View Post
I am not sure how far in i should go when porting the heads, should i port it all the way to the cylinder? will it run bad if i do that? could i port it without taking it apart and just use compressed air to blow out the debris or i guess i could just remove the cylinder head to get the debris out. anyone have any before and after pics of a ported China girl?
Hold on there killer!

Before you port anything, I would suggest a little basic understanding of what you are doing or you may end up with an expensive experiment....

You would be porting the cylinder, not the head (2 stroke).
Yes, you'll have to take the cylinder off and dremel all the way from the beginning to the end inside the cylinder (all the way through). Do you know how much or where to remove material?

I would suggest that you try matching the exhaust gasket and exhaust mounting flange to the exhaust port first. Once you do that, you will see an improvement and you don't have to remove the cylinder to do it.

Also, get some miles on the 2-300 before you worry about how fast it will or won't go.

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