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Default Bim!!!

Your Bike has been the wallpaper of my laptop for a week.
That bike is FLIPPIN SWEET! Yes, you have a secret admirer.

You have the look I'm going after as far as the rat rod appeal. I want to meld that look with the original Schwinn Orange Krates, like the one I had as a kid.
So high rise handlebars for the chopper fork and....dare I say it........
A Banana Seat...
There, I said it... =-]'

I want it to look like a giant Orange Krate that grew up and got an attitude.
I'm definitely going jackshaft. I'm going to use an extra bottom bracket ala'
ZZ (thanks Zomby Zack) I had the idea before I found it had been done, so the parts hunt is now easy.

The hardest hurdle I see is getting 8 gears on the rear OCC wheel. A standard thread 8 gear freewheel (1-3/8"x 24tpi ) would spin right on,
buuttt, then I would have to make a custom longer threaded axle and the OCC rear wheel frame cage will have to be widened 2" on one side.

Gonna be alot of cutting, aligning, fitting, & welding, but it will be more bomb proof and 1/5 the cost of a Nuvinci / Sturmey archer set up.

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