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Default Hi from the deep deep south.

Seeing as most of you are from the US of A it appears you can't get much further south than me. (Next stop, Antartica!). I'm from Christchurch in the South Island of New Zealand. (Get the maps out guys, but if you've seen Lord of the Rings, you've seen a lot of near where I live). We're more famous recently for having half our city destroyed by a series of Earthquakes, but hopefully they're behind us now so we can move on.

Anyway, after years of mulling over the idea of building a Board track replica, I decided to do one for an upcoming event called the Trans Alpine Scooter Safari. Basically, we ride all manner of mopeds up over the Southern Alps roughly 250 kms (152 miles) from my workplace ar Christchurch Airport to Hokitika on the west coast.

There'll be 250 scooters attempting to complete the ride. The real motivation in doing so is to raise money from the Royal New Zealand Cancer Society. We raised $125,000 in 2010 and we intend to do better this time. You can find more information about the Safari at;

My machine started out life as a GT Dyna Crusier Taboo Tiki, which I bought off a collecter who had hundreds of bikes lying in his yard and in a 40ft container. I added a 70cc Chinese Engine a Monark fork and adapted a disc brake to the front because at the time I was completely unaware I could buy a kit to do so! I finished it off with a laid back brookes seat and adapted the mock tank that came with the bike to contain fuel.

I 'haven't figured out how to post pics here, but if you go to;

you'll see a couple of pictures of the machine which has been named 'The Flying Molestrangler'

So, after that long intoduction, thanks for having me aboard and I look forward to gaining a wealth of new information.


Dayle MacKenzie
New zealand

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