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Default Re: Brand New Member from Texas.

Originally Posted by LR Jerry View Post
Here's what Texas will allow you to operate on the public roadways there.


Sec. 551.351. DEFINITIONS. In this subchapter: (1) "Motor-assisted scooter": (A) means a self-propelled device with: (i) at least two wheels in contact with the ground during operation; (ii) a braking system capable of stopping the device under typical operating conditions; (iii) a gas or electric motor not exceeding 40 cubic centimeters; (iv) a deck designed to allow a person to stand or sit while operating the device; and (v) the ability to be propelled by human power alone; and (B) does not include a pocket bike or a minimotorbike
That's why MB's don't fall under the scooter law.

Texas is a gray area concerning MB's. No laws for or against them.

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