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Default Re: Completely New to This

Thank you SO much for the advice!!

And much as I'd LOVE a 2 stroke (for looks and speed and everything else ) I should probably go with the 4 stroke.

So I'm looking at thatsdax...I need the motor and the friction drive kit right? EDIT: I just saw that he has an in-frame 4 stroke mounting kit. That would be PERFECT! Is there any reason I shouldn't use that?

A few questions about that setup:
I'm assuming I still should upgrade the brakes and remove the fenders?

Will the friction drive work fine in the rain and snow and such? EDIT: Obviously doesn't matter if I use the in-frame kit

Because I'm a college student I'm going to be needing to bring my books to school. Although I might COULD just put the backpack on my back, Is there anyway to get some type of waterproof (or close to it) enclosure somewhere on the bike to hold stuff when it rains? EDIT: If I use the in-frame I could just put some sort of small box/bag/rack thing above the back tire right?

Thanks again for all y'alls help!

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