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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

What do you plan on running the 60T with? The 24 might not be enough? 5-7 and The Aleman are masters of ratios. I've also read that you can adjust your spring tension on each cvt pully too eh. So there's a lot to experiment with there. scotto- would know a crap ton, being a racer and all. And wayne_z experimented with some different springs/tensions at one point too.

So anyways,

I haven't been doing too much. I tried to get an alumiweld type stick working, but it's proving frustrating. Turned out pointless actually. I'm just gonna break out the JB-weld, and quit farting around with the new torches, and RTV's that don't work.

Drag racers don't use tunnel rams for the look of them!

Plugging away,
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