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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

lets see, got a 60t rear sprocket in the mail yesterday.

put it one mated to the 30t front sprocket. chain super loose.
switch the front to a 24t, chain right. So i take it for a ride, accelerates super hard to 10mph, then just slowly putters up to 25.

Adjust driven pulley for speed bias, bike gets to 26 easily but develops a problem of vibrating super, SUPER bad making things come loose.

switch it back to the 40t rear and 24t front. chain super loose again.
switch it back to before 40t rear and 30t front, chain tight, pulley still biased for speed, bike can't get faster than 20mph.

switch pulley back to acceleration bias, bike can get to 27mph now, but the belt is now super loose and slips alot. thinking it got overheated and stretched badly.

so in the end i'm back to square 1, and now have two belts in the mail to replace the stretched one.
i just can't win with this ratio set up.
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