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Default Re: Completely New to This

I also agree with all you said here, the reason I talked up the 4 strokes FD so much is because being a college student I figured he hasn't the tools or the place to do all the mods that really need to be done to make the 2 stroke CG reliable as it can be, I also have three bikes with the 2 smokers that I absolutely love to ride and tinker with, they all have mods that have made them pretty bullet proof up to this point but a quality 4 stroke will still likely outlast them and for someone who hasn't the tools, the time, or the place for working all the bugs out of the 2 smokers...., the 4 stroke FD kit will be a good match for them in my honest opinion for all the reasons I've stated.

BUT.YEP, I agree on really liking the 2 stroke engines, they pack a heck of a punch for there size when done up right and tight.... nothing like the smell of Opti2 in the morning............sorry just had to plug what I consider to be one of the best 2 smoker oils out there, I love the stuff.

Peace, Map

Originally Posted by Dymaxion View Post
AFP - tough choice between 4 and 2 stroke. 4 strokes will generally be more reliable than a 2 stroke, but there are MANY 2 strokes around here with thousands of miles on them.

If you go 2 stroke, I would suggest taking your time and tearing the engine down before installing. Lots of little cleanup items from shoddy chinese QA that will improve reliability. Things like bad casting seams that need to be ground/sanded off, sand the head surface and other mating surfaces to be smooth and flat. Also spend lots of time getting the rear wheel drive sprocket true and perfectly lined up with the motor drive sprocket. I'd also get better hardware before buttoning it up.

Personally I love 2 stroke motors and have an extremely reliable bike running an el' cheap'o Chinese kit.
I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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