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The Schwinn Avenue seems to do well. I had to overhaul everything on the bike (grease bearings, tighten spokes, adjust the brakes and cables, headset, bb, etc. The bike has done well and been very comfortable for several thousand miles, mostly as a motorized bicycle. The stock stem was crap, stock kickstand broke off! and the stock tires don't work with the roller. The stock cables were usable but have been replaced with generic lined cables from Niagara Cycle. The brake pads have been replaced with Diamondback Softees (gray). The bike shifts and brakes well, is comfortable to ride.

Worth motorizing if you do all the mentioned work, probably will have to do to about any bike you buy under $1000.

Originally Posted by KCvale View Post
I don't want to jump in on page 17 of a cheap bike topic to debate so I will just state my philosophy on motorized bicycles, and it's simple.

Crap bike + crap motor = problems forever.
Good bike + good motor = pretty reliable transportation for a long time.
Cost to keep crap running > cost for a good to start with.
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