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Default Re: Completely New to This


Just wanted to add something here that you may need to consider.

If the bike you are going to use has size 26 X 2.25 tires you could have an issue with the chain rubbing the tire, if this is the case you may need to put 26 X 1.95 tires on it or at least the rear so that you will have enough clearance between tire and chain if that is an issue.

I have built three bikes for myself and I prefer 36T or less tooth count on for the rear sprocket, most kits come with a 44T which is good for hills but for flat out and moderate hills a 36T rear sprocket will add top speed and lower engine RPM at 20-25MPH cruise speed which make the vibrations from most of these China Girl engines much sweeter......

Replacing at least the intake gasket and the mounting hardware as you mentioned is an excellent idea, be sure to secure the Chain idler/tensioner very good to the frame by drilling through it and just into the first wall of the bike frame tube so you can put a small sheet metal screw through bracket and into frame tube, this will eliminate the possibility of the tensioner rotating into the spoke and causing you a trashed wheel and possibly a not so fun crash.

Best wishes with the build, you in the right place where there are many people that can answer any question you may have along the way, just continue to research this sight using the excellent search feature and you'll be on your way to becoming a motorized bicycle addict like most of the rest of us are.........LOL!

Peace, Map

Originally Posted by A Future Pilot View Post
Alright so here's what I've ended up deciding to get (I'll be buying them tomorrow):

Bike (same as above)

Engine (different)

I also found this guide and plan to follow it.

I'm planning to buy the gaskets and hardware kits from that guy and replace them all on the engine (as well as a new NGK spark plug, new plug wires, and new kill switch).

Now after doing some research on here, it looks like the bike is a really good one for motorizing, however I've heard that I need to remove the fenders (or reinforce them), get a new rack for carrying heavier things, upgrade the brakes, and move the shift handle over to the left handlebar.

Is that everything? Where can I get a new rack and new brakes?

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