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Default Re: just ordered my first motor kit, it will be here tomorrow

Originally Posted by rudyauction509 View Post
Thanks, the kit arrived at 12:30, I finished the bike, I mixed about a third of a gallon in and it runs great. I took it up to about 15 mph for 10 minute runs today, and have about an hour on it. The power has gone up quite a bit since I first started it. That's normal, right? And will it continue to go up much more? It doesn't have very much power right now. All of the nuts and bolts are tight, and I will be getting some locktite in the next few days. Red, right? I have also had to tighten the chain about 4 times now, waiting longer each time. Also, after a 10 minute run at 15 mph, and 5 minutes cooling, I can touch the cylinder and it's just warm. Does that mean I can start running it longer and on hills now? maybe 30 minute runs tomorrow? I would post pics but its to dark out (9:30 pm). Tomorrow. Thanks.
I use red...DO NOT use red on bolts....just studs. Don't use it on a stud that you want to remove easily and that you can't use heat on. It will be there. I use red on cylinder studs, intake, exhaust studs and the engine mounting studs...that's all for me.
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