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Default Hello everybody!

I was originally researching motorized bikes for my step-son. He wanted something to get down the road from where we live to get to his first job at the local Burger King, and one of his friends just got a motorized bike setup, so he is all excited about the subject now. After doing a little bit of research, I am excited as well! My original plan was to buy a new bike and an engine kit, a few safety necessities, assemble everything and "finance" the whole thing for him, which is still part of my plan, but now, after researching everything and watching videos on youtube, I want one too LOL! Anyways, im going to do some more research and get a kit assembled for him, prob a 4 stroke engine, for reliability reasons, and have him make monthly payments to me for the bike. However, I also want to build myself an awesome, 2 stroke, light, stripped of everything but what you need bike. I was actually planning on building myself an AutoGyro, but after researching these things, this is to cool and to afforbable to pass up!
I may still buy my step-son a 2 cycle kit. just for the fact that it would probably need more work to be done to it and that would prob be a good learning experience for him. I haven't made my mind up yet. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. I really am looking forward to this, it's just so cool and raw in terms of transportation, no computers and fancy stuff, just a basic motor applying power to a wheel. I think that is so awsome!!! I look forward to exploring everything on this forum, and I hope that after I become more familiar in this field I will have some insight to offer others. Thanks. MattT.
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