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Default Re: just ordered my first motor kit, it will be here tomorrow

I rode it about 60 miles today, turning the motor off and pedaling to cool it off to 100 degrees or so every half hour, as I was just getting home, the muffler end cap fell off, and I instantly lost 75% of my power. Now with the cap off it won't idle at all, and after warming up for a while while being restarted many times, I can get it to drive the bike a bit, but it seems to not want to stay running. The carb is fine, the float is working, the jet is clear, I moved the clip, it made it worse both ways. I read that replacing the muffler will fix the problem, but after running it for 10 minutes or so without the cap would I have ruined the motor? It still spins freely with the spark plug out and never completely stopped working, it just wouldn't idle. I just don't want to get a new muffler for $30 if the problem is a burned motor. Also, here's a picture from this morning at a friends house.
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