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Wink Re: copy gearing setup from mini bike?

Originally Posted by fett View Post
Hi. I've got a hawthorn step through and a 97cc engine from a doodlebug mini bike. My plan is to purchase the pmr jackshaft kit for the engine. Could I then copy the gearing setup of the minibike and paste it onto the step through bike? Meaning a 97cc engine to a jackshaft to a 60-some tooth rear sprocket.. The changing variable is wheel diameter. Is that going to matter?

Also, would there be a value to making this a front wheel drive bike?

Hey Tom, no,yes and no. Well technically you could copy and paste (if it were that easy) , but because of question two, there is your answer. Because of the wheel diameter differences between a mini bike and a bicycle, the gearing would not be desirable if just transfered over.

And what kind of value do you see in making a front wheel drive set-up? I can think of none and more of a pain than it would be worth. Just my opinions of course.

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