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Default Hello From Tampa Bay & My "Orange Coast Chopper" Build

Greetings, Fellow Motorbicycle Afficianados,

I've been a bobbin' and a weavin', lurkin' and a readin' on this forum for a month now before deciding to speak up. I'm about as caught up as I can be....being a greeny noob and all.
I got bit by the motorbicycle bug and nothin' has been the same since.
I've taking a liking to the old school chopper springer lowrider ape hanger look. I've got an "80cc" motor on the way from Zone8, and I picked up two bikes from around town; a Jesse James West Coast Chopper for $25, and an Orange County Stingray Chopper for $20. I like features from both bikes, so I am going to combine them....

Hence, The "Orange Coast Chopper" Build has begun.

I gotta have the OCC front tire, rear tire and cage, but I love the Jesse James frame and fork. So I gotta meld the two together. It's been done. I know. I have burned many a midnight oil researching this site and the other site.There are some absolute beauties out there. Hats off to all you guys for coming together and creating a unique community to share info.

I am definitely going Jackshaft, but I like the extra BMX bottom bracket as a jackshaft setup, with freewheels of course. (Thank You, Zomby Zack) I guess you're wondering why I am doing this, because I only have one gear on my OCC rear wheel....Well, I got a plan for that...... 8 gears at least.....the cheap way.....derailer and cassette style.

where there's a will..... and a welder....

Anyways, here's a couple photos.
Thanks for being here.

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