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Exclamation Re: just ordered my first motor kit, it will be here tomorrow

Thanks for your advice, I will use blue locktite. I would like to tune my carb to run slightly rich, because I don't want the motor to be able to over-rev. I'm not sure what it is, but if it helps I will take some pics, and it has the needle or pin on the slide connected to the throttle that sticks out about an inch. From what I have read, I think it's an nt.

Also I am having some problems with the cables tightening when I zip-tie them to the bike. Does this happen when they are twisted? I had them tied and wrapped around the bike tightly. Would it help to tie them loosely with wide turns, maybe just in one spot? With the first setup, it was stuck at full throttle and the clutch wouldn't come out. I removed the ties and it worked fine, but the cables are hanging out way to far.

As for upgrade parts, I would rather have the motor last longer than give more power, I was just wondering what to expect from it in the next few days. So far it has about 15 miles on it and the power has gone up by about 20%. If it increases for 3-500 miles, I will be really happy. Thanks.
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