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Default Re: Other drives, trailer/ trike/ extra wheel....

In some states they will take a solidly mounted extra wheel in total maximum wheel count of THREE wheels for it to make state law defining a bicycle. Add a solidly mounted forth wheel it is legally a automobile not a bicycle anymore. The farther you mount the drive wheel from the axle of the rear tires the more stresses the drive wheel will see when turning and the more flat land will be needed do to the risk of high centering due to uneven ground. Now if you build a pusher TRAILER that can be disconnected by way of a pintle or similar hitch built strong enough then turning and wheel count would not be an issue nor would it having the chance of getting stuck on a speed bump or driveway entrance. As I said some more research into the pros and cons of this style might be a good idea. Was not a jab nor any type of insult
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