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Default Re: Cold and/or Wet and Snowy Weather

Seriuously 10 degrees? I'd not recommend that unless you have some kind of arctic suit and know how to use it....wind chill at that level will frostbite you in seconds.

Seal your cdi/mag wires and stay out of water unless you want a lot of problems.

You'll more than likely have to go down one notch on the jet needle.

I'd say "have fun", but you won't.

I have ridden a road bike (motorcycle, no windshield, 35 mph top) several times in the 20-25 degree F range and it's no picnic even with a snowmobile suit, and proper boots/gloves/ect. By the time you are dressed enough to stay warm, you are running into problems with mobility/visibility. It's kind of a hassle.
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