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Default Howdy from TX


New to the forum but not forums in general. I'm a member of a bunch of other forums and even help moderate one. I've found this one very useful over the last two months and figured I'd join.

I built my first motorized bicycle a month or two ago and got around 100 miles out of it and found it to be really fun, so fun that I did an engine swap to a better bike.

Here was version 1

I liked it but the bike was just too tall.

So I took my commuting bike, swapped to some suspension forks and a few other mods and did the swap.

After getting it to run I ordered a 36 tooth rear sprocket. With the carb running rich it could get up to 23 when it would previously get up to 18. Can't wait to get the carb running correctly again. I was able to get up to 32 mph on the old bike with the 44T sprocket. With a lower bike and smaller sprocket it should be really fun.
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