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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by She View Post
Had to take everything off because I put the donut pads on wrong. Put the 2 donuts on the rim on one side when your suppose to one inside the rim AND outside the rim. I didn't have to unscrew everything but everything needed to be loosened. DUH!
Well, if it's any consolation you're not the first. Sometimes someone complains that their chain rubs real bad, we get a photo and it's obvious. Any instructions (if you get any at all)are garbled from being interprited from Chinese to French to German to English or whatever and 5th generation photocopied grainy photo's don't help. There's almost no help on youtube. Videos are, "here is the throttle and here is the gas tank." kind of videos. Hardly a good instructional among them.

Oh, I went an bought primer and flat black paint, 6 cans of each. That otta repaint the whole bike.

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