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Default Re: just ordered my first motor kit, it will be here tomorrow

Originally Posted by rudyauction509 View Post
Thanks for the quick replies, guys, this is the motor:

It is on the truck for delivery today and fedex usually gets here around 2:30. I had already mixed the 1:16 gas, but if 1:24 is better I can dilute it a bit, but I can't get new gas because my budget is $5 for the next week. I am looking for a new fuel line and a new spark plug cord at a local lawn mower scrap yard. You never know what you will find and they will give it to me for free. I will post some pics later today or tomorrow. So rinsing the gas tank with water and letting it dry for a few hours to save gas won't hurt it?
I know you mean 16:1 and 24:1, don't put a mix of 16:1 in that engine. I start with at least 20:1 but 24:1 is fine. Truthfully if your budget is $5.00, I'd put off installing the engine at this time, seriously. Use the same fuel you mixed, divide if you don't have enough room, and then add more gas to the mixture, to attain a 20:1 or 24:1. I never put water in a fuel tank, weather I'm rinsing it out or wielding on it.
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