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Default Re: Other drives, trailer/ trike/ extra wheel....

Aah don't let Ibedayank get to ya. This forum has a lot on using the "china girl" engine. There are quite a bit of custom builds though. I don't think so much in the way of trikes or quads though

I personally like the stretch bikes

Lots of board tracker builds that aren't kits like this one:

Or building a 2 speed transmission for the predator engine
Video at the bottom

Anyways, I haven't been working on my bike instead of the laser. I've been working on these darn finals. I ride my bike to school. It's begging for a new rear tire and I never tightened something so my throttle cable isn't doing so hot... But I just need to to last till tomorrow and after that my main priority is going to be the laser. I'm not home to work on it which is the biggest problem. Come this monday though, I'm gonna be back at home for the summer and going full throttle on it. Immediately going to get the tools I need, drop the engine make a list of what it needs, pictures, the whole rodeo. Considering I don't have my own car until the laser is running, I certainly have more motivation beyond the cool factor :P We're considering making a new dash for it out of some real nice wood. We have a workshop for anything wood so we could make a fancy one, but I'm not sure if I'll do that right away. It wouldn't be too hard to do after gauges and switches are in place.

Believe me, I think about it every day. I'm sure you've been in my situation of that frustrated feeling of having a project your dying to work on but you can't because of something else. In this case school.. Monday though!! I'm pumped

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