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Default Re: Other drives, trailer/ trike/ extra wheel....

Hey Chris, I have been into building recumbents and motor stuff longer than kit cars, lol,....had my first motor powered bicycle at 13 and built my first recumbent at 14

I have posted several threads but getting the impression most things here are based on "off the shelf" kits and such, not much from scratch,

I posted it in other threads but will dup here,

I picked up a 4 wheeler that looks just like this one,
( dont know make or model ) just better than my other surrey style.

While I like the dual pedals and plan to keep that I wanted to add an engine,
And the Steampunk in me got me drawn into this thing,

While I can figure out plenty of ways to do it I LOVE seeing how others do things, get ideas you know, I take some and use it and some I toss in the trash,

I could drive it with 4 wheels but that "Motor wheel" is just cool and something I want to putz around with, I could easy-o make an adapter to use it on a two wheeler also,

So why are you on here putzing with bikes when you could be getting that Laser going...?!?!?!?!?
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