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Default Re: Other drives, trailer/ trike/ extra wheel....

Originally Posted by Ibedayank View Post
why add an extra wheel that can go flat. All single wheel trailers for cars had the trailer wheel so it could swivel. You may want to do more research on the disadvantages of doing this.
Why ride a trike when we can do two wheels?

Here is the last delta trike I built about 15 years ago, from ground up,

It will haul dog food and then some....

You do realize that are countless ways to add a engine to a trailer...hence why I asked for some pictures.
I have been building pedal and motor driven recumbents and other "stuff" for well over 30 years, I have thought out what I want to build this time,
You have been in my other posts you know what I have planned, So I am assuming you have nothing positive to offer?
Rest easy, I have never seen a "wheel" go flat, tires do go flat but I never had it happen ( while riding ) in 30 years.

Originally Posted by rustycase View Post
I think a power trailer is a good option for a longer, straight run.
Probably not the best for turny, stop and go traffic situations...
Controls would be a bit more difficult to fab effectively.

IMO, flats are not an issue if one follows the Goat Herder advisory of heavy duty tube and a generous application of Slime.

I spoke with a local rider with a mitsubishi 50cc trailer mounted on a swivel, pushing his MTB. He said he's got 5 years on it and cost was about $100/yr for replacement chain and plastic stuff that got wore out or broken during use. He's a daily rider, with any number of longer trips about the county. ...and he's got a 10" kart wheel.

I would LOVE to see pictures of his rig, with the kart wheel did he just go direct drive from engine to wheel or does he have a transfer case?
LOL...I have never had a flat on a bike ever, of course I have always used different things to pervent this,
On the other hand my buddy gets a flat a week and decided Slime is cheaper than tubes.
Sometimes we are the windshield and sometimes we are the bug....
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