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Default Re: fuchs cycle attachement

It should run. It turns over with good compression and has spark. I imagine ill just have to clean the carb and add fuel to make it fire up, and maybe check the points gap. It has been sitting for a very long time, 60+ years. It was given to me by a guy my dad works with who was cleaning out a neighbor lady's shed. She said that it had been sitting since the mid 50's without being run. I think it would be pretty cool to fire it up after all these years

As far as how many speeds the gearbox has im not 100% sure, but i know it does shift, because i remember activating the shift mechanism to see if it all worked when i first got it. Ill have to get it out and shift it through the gears to see how many speeds it has.

Does anyone have any idea of the value of this machine? im not really interested in selling it, but im just curious.
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