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Default Re: Fiberglass Gas Tanks

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
We used to build fiberglass wings for R/C airplanes that way. Cover the foam core with the one leg of a pair of panty hose then start applying resin. Seemed to work just fine. Never had a wing fail.

Another option is the way I did my chopper tank. I encased a steel tank inside of a foam and fiberglass shell. That way I never have to worry about leaks and I got a tank the shape I wanted. Just a suggestion.

yes he did a beautiful job on that tank .
why not try making your foam core an lining it with aluminum foil , the heavy duty stuff,an build your fiberglass over that ,that would limit the amount of surface area that fuel an oil will come in contact with the glass, or another option is vacuforming theres much info on the web about that an theres many more fuel resistant plastics available , or a freind of mine used to make reproduction parts for the older chrysler muscle cars by using resin an molds , to my knowledge there is a resin formulation resistant to fuel an oil , just cant remember for sure , check it out .
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