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You might be able to solder the broken part back on using the aluminum solder but practice on beer or pop cans first using a propane torch the solder is around $10.00 so you might be better off buying a new carb.
I also make off set intakes, I make the mounting flange and the intake tube I first machine the part that fits the carb for a solid fit then gas weld them. If you look at some of my bike pictures you can see the intake manifolds I also make one for a guy in Canada and I think he was very happy with it.

I haven't tried but I think if a guy waned to you could machine a mounting flange on the crancase housing and use reed valves then blank off the stock intake manifold I think with a little work it should work. two stroke aren't picky on where the carb is.
As for you cussing the carb you really should cuss your self for breaking the carb you did something wrong and the carb complained.
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