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Default I'm new and I need help

Those are probably the words that are said a lot in this part of the forum I'm guessing.

I'm David and I'm currently living in Minnesota. I just started looking into motorized bikes a few days ago and I'm already hooked and know I want one.
I currently don't have a license so this will be my means of transportation, which makes me very happy to say the least.

I currently have nothing, so I'm kind of at a hard starting place.

I can't decide whether to get a fully assembled bike or one that I would build myself. I'm not very smart when it comes to mechanical work.

I'm getting my next paycheck on Monday and I'm hoping to spend it almost completely on getting a bike, unless I can find a nice cheap way to get one. My budget will be about $450.

I'd much rather have a 4 stroke, but then again I'm new and may just want what's fast and big.

So that's a start, what can you all do to help me?

Anyways, that's the
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