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Exclamation just ordered my first motor kit, it will be here tomorrow

So I just ordered 50cc flat head 2 stroke motor kit from BGF a few days ago to put on an old bike. I have been preparing the bike this weekend, I have all of the tools ready, I moved the front brake lever to the right side temporarily removed the rear brake's cable and handle until I can get a dual-pull handle. Basically I got the smallest and least powerful kit that I could find so that hopefully the bearings in the motor and the spokes on the rear wheel will last longer, and I plan to keep the rpm's on the motor low. My plan to clean the stuff out of the crankcase is to pour gas into the intake port, shake it around to collect the dirt and then pour it out, then repeat 3-4 times, and do the same through the spark plug hole, then let it evaporate out of the motor for an hour or 2. Would this cause any problems? I will also wash out the gas tank first with water, then dry it then rinse it with gas. Will the water hurt it? Do I need to do more? I plan to break it in for an hour at 16-1 gas to oil at 15 mph, 15 minute runs and 15 minute breaks for a half tank then 20-1 for a full tank at 15-20 mph, 30 minute runs, 15 minutes breaks. Does this sound right? The most motor experience of this type I've had is a gas scooter that broke in half literally after 3 weeks on a small pothole. Any advice would be great, but I don't feel comfortable taking apart the motor and I can't buy anything right now. I will be installing the kit tomorrow afternoon when it arrives. Thanks.

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