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Default Re: What size belt for EZM?

Originally Posted by Tinsmith View Post
Just spent some time doing gymnastics replacing the belt on the EZM. A long while back I thought I remembered someone saying an AX-25 belt was a good replacement. Just put one on and it looks maybe one size to big to me. Would I be ahead to just get the an adjustable pulley for the front of the system and go from there? Thanks for any help.
Hey Dan,

What size are your pulleys? If you have a 2.5" front and 5" Rear then an AX25 is exactly what you need. What is your Q-Matic hooked up to? From my understanding the set up I just described is for the HF 99cc Predator. Thats what my Q-Matic is hooked onto anyway and thats the set up Im running. Has been doing amazing for me.
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