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Default Re: Jackshaft size issue

Originally Posted by Revolution87 View Post
Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has some experience with putting on a jackshaft. The problem is with the chain size that runs from the sprocket at the front to the rear gears. The chain that came with the kit is

1.) To large and is therefore loose on the rear gears (I doubt if it would even work, let alone be stable).

2.) It isn't long enough.

So trying to use the bike chain instead of the chain that came with the kit I run into issue # 1 reversed. That is to say, the chain fits perfectly on the rear gears but is now to small to have a proper fit on the front sprocket.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this problem without changing the rear gears? (I could do that but don't want to spend a lot of cash on that, since I've already maxed my budget on this project).
The chain that comes with the kit is not intended to be used from the front sprocket to rear gears.It is to be cut to fit from motor sprocket to 17t sprocket and 9t or 10t to your 48t sprocket.
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