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Default Addicted and Havn't Even Started

Hi my name is Aaron and I am from the great state of Pennsylvania. Originally, my interest was sparked about these bikes when my mother denied me idea of purchasing a motorcycle, as I was looking for a cheap, fun mode of transportation. Though I was struck down, in my many searches accross the internet, I came by these little beauties. Better yet, I could build and ride them without a license! I am mechanically inclined, as my grandfather owned his own machine shop, and I have been around machinery like that all my life, so these bikes piqued my interest. Being only 18, my mechanical experiances have been rather limited, so I thought this would be a good way to get to know the basics of engines (other than lawn mowers and smaller engines). Recently, in my engineering class in highschool, we were assigned a our final project, "Build Something that Does Something". I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity (or excuse XD) to finally buy one of these kits, and it should be here by tomorrow! All I have to say is that I am SUPER excited to get started, and the past couple nights my life has consisted mostly of scanning this forum and trying to learn everything I can.

So, in saying all that, what should be some of the first things I do to my bike/engine? I want to know some quick, simple tips that I can utilize to get my bike up and running well. I have two weeks before I present it, but trust me, I will not be done there. Until then, however, what are some things I should look out for? I know these engines can and will be very tempramental, so you guys will be my lifeline the next couple of days, just a heads up I really do appreciate advice from you guys!
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