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Default Re: Jackshaft size issue

Do you think it would work to take the mid-sized sprocket that came with the bike (and fits the chain perfectly) and bolt it on to the sprocket that came with the jackshaft ? (I would probably grind off excess metal from the sprocket before bolting the one that fits onto it).

In other words, I need that special gear (I know, very technical thats in the center of the kits sprocket. Basically I would cut off the teeth and as much metal as possible leaving enough room to bolt through it into the sprocket that fits.

I'm not sure if I'm going to run into an offset problem... since it wont be in the same line as the original sprocket...

This possibility seems like a bit of a gamble to me... Is it possible to get the special gear with different teeth sizes?

heres a link to a site with these parts but there isn't much info...

Of course I'm not going to buy a part and wait two weeks only to find out that the same chain size is required... it just doesn't make sense that they wouldn't make a proper size sprocket for my chain since it is a standard size bike chain.

Anyways... any experience with this site or other comments would be much appreciated.
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