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Welcome to the forum Sergey.
Good to see your in the right place to learn about these beloved motorbicycles.
You will learn plenty from this site.

If you ever have any questions, I find it easiest just to type in a couple of words using the search at the top right of the page and have a flick thru.
If that doesnt work out then yeh throw a fresh thread out there.. LOL!

Your more than welcome to drop in to my place if you evr need a hand.

Good luck with your future builds mate.. yuo will find yourself addicted to these things in no time.
Be sure to always wear a helmet to mate if ya dont already.
These things will kill you if come off the wrong way.. usually its some other *beeps* fault too. You would be suprised how motorists seem to ignore the fact you are there or just dont expect someone on a push bike to be traveling so quickly.


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