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Default Brand New Member from Texas.

Hey. I'm Sergey Kyle (yes, I have a compound first name, though most people just call me Serge). I'm 19 and live in Fort Worth, Texas. I recently developed a desire to jump into the world of motor-bicycles (among other similar hobbies) for economic and practical reasons, and also because motor-bicycles look plain old neat and fun to me.

I have already been riding bicycles around town the "conventional" way for years.

I am brand spanking new to this whole thing; haven't built my own motor-bicycle or anything yet. I've "lurked" around the forums for a few months already, trying to pick up on some knowledge. I finally decided to register this morning, and hope to learn even more, and get to the point where I might try to build my own. What I'm really hoping to do though this site is network with other motor-bicycling enthusiasts in my area (and beyond!) who I might could befriend and learn first-hand from. Maybe that's just wishful thinking, but I'd figure it's worth a shot.
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