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Default Hey I'm Rob new to the world of Motorbikes

Hello everyone, I'm Rob, I'm 20 from Cleveland Ohio and I stumbled upon the world of motor bikes on accident. I have a beat up road bike that I wanted to get running. I wanted to hook up some kinda engine to it for traveling around the city going to work. After searching Motor bikes I realized how big the community is and now I have a few questions concerning my first build.

First and probably most important, what kinda bike would be best?
I'm thinking a nice cruiser (I decided to buy a new bike and not use the old one)

Secondly I'm searching motor kits...there's so many, and I'm looking for the best 2 stroke around the $200 range. The Grubee Skyhawk seems to be on the top of most lists, but it'd be nice to get some views from long term builders.

Thirdly, I don't know anything about motors/engines so this will be a learning experience for me...if there is anything I should know before I start feel free to tell the noobie.

Thanks so much for everyone's help! I'm looking forward to starting this great hobby!
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