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Default Re: What kind of lights are you using?

Originally Posted by rgvkid View Post
whenn you say 6vt are you talking about just a counter bought light like by schwinn or Bell? The only Dynamos i have seen are online, I haven't seen any generator driven ones at the local stores like Wal-mart or Target. All they have there are battery operated ones but im not sure if they are bright enough. The ones at the cycle shops are $50+, Im trying to keep it within budget.
The 6V light came as part of the bike - A schwinn deluxe 7 cruiser and is integrated into the front fender with two x head captive nuts.

To be honest both together are bearable - and it means people dont miss you - but to be honest they are marginal at best for road work as if there is anything in the way you wont see it in time to avoid unless you go fairly slow and in the UK thats fairly suicidal at the times that i do ride in the dark..

What you *could* do if you have a cruiser bike is look on ebay for some of the second hand lights of that type that come up occasionally - they may or may not come with the appropriate fender. These would also work if you fitted up a metal front fender to a mtb and then mounted the light appropriately..

hope that helped

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