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Default Re: I ride to work but i always ride for fun. how about you!

Recently I found an old railroad bed that's pretty smooth with no tracks or ties. I've rode it all the way into the next town over. Riding across the old railroad bridges is pretty bumpy, so I usually walk it over. I ride that trail until where the rocks become too big to ride smoothly. That's about ten forested miles down the track. It's a blast. I've been finding all the bike trails around the tri-town area and riding them. I hate running into a patch of mud though. I cut the motor when I run into other riders. On top of all that, I also ride all over town(s).

I plan to make a long trip soon. I may bolt on an old friction drive motor on the back in case the HT acts up on me. Heck, I may just buy another HT and carry it with me on the luggage rack. I can see me doing a motor swap on the side of the highway, lol.
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