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Default Re: Chain too tight

Originally Posted by breno View Post
i usually just cheat and cut the back mount a little thinner if I get stuck like that.
I had the same problem the other day..Its like less than half a link too short but if you add 1 pidly link with an extra joiner the thing becomes rediculously too long!!
just cut 5mm off the back mount which hugs the seat post and all is dandy.
Stuff buying a half link if ya dont really need to.
U dont even need to really cut 5mm off. Probly 2mm would do... could even do it with a simple file + a tub of elbow grease.

Just remember when doing that, if you take 2mm of the mount then you gain 4mm in chain, 2mm from the top and 2mm from the bottom of the chain. It's the same if you add a spacer between the mount and the motor. If your chain is too long by 6mm then just add a 3mm spacer because it takes 3mm on both runs of the chain.
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