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Default Re: How fast how much weight etc etc

Thanks all...yes, the Predator 99 it sounds like a winner, what do you believe the HP rating to be?

So why do you need the Q-matic?

I have been building recumbents for over 20 years, my favorites are tadpole trikes, but I have been getting into the 4 wheel bikes,
I bought this one the other day that looks a lot like the old Briggs and stratton 5 wheeler,
the 5th drive wheel is like a trailer in back, it had an engine in the side, I want to do something like that seems the predator 99 would be a hot ticket,

I have to wonder how heavy the B&S design was, I am guessing the engine and drive parts would be more than the new predator 99,

My plan was to use the rear swing arm from a discarded mountain bike, it will give me a nice looking frame, and pivot,
But I planned to just use a clutch on the engine to a large sprocket on the side of the wheel, I know from my go kart and mini bike days that is good from take off to...??? well, faster than I want to go on this thing,

Which brings me back to why the extra Q-matic thing?

Originally Posted by jowens View Post
Welcome fellow Central Floridian.......
Im one of the dozens who have built one of the Predator Harbor Frieght bikes. Mine is a 99cc put onto a Micargi Rover beach cruiser. It weighs in with me on it at about 240 lbs, Im guessing. With how I have the gearing on it at 9.6/1 with a Q-matic tranny, I have hit 42MPH at 5200 RPM. I rarely and I mean rarely push it that fast because I would like for my new build to last a little while. However I consistantly run it at 4500 RPM for an hour or 2 at a time without any struggle or worry. At 4500 RPM I run 36 MPH which is more than fine with me!http://

Prior to this build I did start with a 66cc 2 smoke kit and probably worked all the kinks out of it, but got fed up with tweeking the build all the time and made the decision to go with the Predator motor and test my fabricating ability. Im very happy I did and will not go back to 2 stroke except to put the old motor on another bike and probably give it to someone.
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