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Default How fast how much weight etc etc

Okay...I realize my question could be painted with a broad brush but,
I see lots of motor-bike kits out there, most run what I call a "Weed" engine, I have used these engines in RC boats, cars etc.

I am curious, as I plan to add an engine to a 4 wheel bike, I do not want a speed demon, rather a cruise around the neighborhood type idea,
I am thinking because I am heavy and the bike is heavy I might just need to run like a 3-5 HP edger type 4 stroke engine, ( big, heavy )

Like I said I'm curious, how much weight are some of you making move with the "weed" engines,

Tell me your CC's 2 or 4 stroke, your rigs full weight with you on it ( guesses are fine ) and then how fast will it move along...

Also, anyone messed with that side shaft engine Harbor tool sells for just over 100.00 ?

Many thanks!
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