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Default Re: A whats in your traveling tool box thread?

I don't pack near as much as in that first post. But I guess I don't pack light either. I've got in my trunk:
tire pump
tire gauge
patch kit
tire levers
Multi-tool (spoke wrenches, box wrenches, allen wrenches, etc.)
flat head screwdriver
phillips head screwdriver
adjustable wrench
spark plug socket
spare plug
set of test leads with alligator clips
miniature battery/continuity tester
spare light bulbs
spare batteries
spare red clip-on emergency flasher
zip ties
decent cable bike lock
I know there's more in there, but I'm having trouble recalling off the top of my head. Most of this stuff I've needed and even used at one time or another. And yes, there's still room left over in the trunk to carry other things home that I pick up along the way. It's a handy trunk.

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